help needed : tried to add playlists still it wont work

well, i bought sansa fuze 8 GB to replace my ipod 30gb, i like it specially the size, but still having problems i always use playlists for my music but the sansa playlists wont be added i tried rhapsody and windows media player 11 and followed these 2 videos instructions it still adds the music and wont add playlists the followed videos i did as they say are

-                for Rhapsod

-                for windows media player 11 

after all i’m a new member in sansa group and hoping to keep this player with me for really long period love the battery life and the FM radio, after all i tried the USB settings changed them when i connect my sansa to Rhapsody it shows that i have the player and a removable disk,i’m still trying to add playlists anyone can help ? … thanks alot in advance 

I have found that the Fuze compartmentalizes music based on the transfer protocol used (MTP or MSC).  I had difficulty creating a playlist because when I connected my computer with the MTP setting, I could only see the few songs I had transferred using that protocol.  Unfortunately, for me, MTP was the ONLY setting that allowed me to generate a playlist.  When I switched back to MSC, I could see all of my songs, but could not generate a playlist.  So, I fully updated windows media player and then erased all of the songs on my fuze.  I then switch the Fuze back to MTP setting and re-syc’ed.  Now all of my songs are available in MTP mode and I can create a playlist with windows media player.  After creating the playlist, getting it onto the MP3 player is a matter of dragging and dropping onto the sync task list and then sync’ing.  Alternatively, you can open the Fuze as a USB device (still in MTP mode), go to the playlist folder, copy and paste the .PLA file into the same folder.  Rename the file.  Erase or rearrange the songs under the “reference” tab and then drag and drop songs from the song list on your MP3 player (open same USB device in a different window not the WMP list of songs).  I hope this helps.