Sansa Fuse not letting me change volume or folder

I got a 4GB Sansa Fuse about three months ago, and then today it just shut off. The battery was still half full, so I tried to turn it back on and it wouldn’t work. So I tried charging it and it wouldn’t charge or even show up on the computer. Then about four hours later it just turned on again. Now it won’t let me change the folder or volume, but the pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind buttons are working. Actually, it seems like the thumbwheel thing is stuck. It’ll turn, but it won’t actually change anything. Anybody know what to do?

Have you tried resetting it? Slide the spring-loaded power switch up as if to turn it on, but hold it in the up position for approx. 20 seconds. Then release it and push it up momentarily to turn it on.

Does it respond correctly now?

No, it’s still not working properly…-__-

Then return it and get another, either through whoever you bought it from, or SanDisk directly under their 1 year warranty.