sansa for windows vista

how can i download driver for my sansa express to windows vista ? if i plugin to my vista , it said need to download driver, but i dont have cd software for sansa .need help pls…Thank you

What the?!

I have Vista and there’s no drivers needed. It should automatically work. Even when my Sansa was broken, it still reconigzed the chipset the device runs on.

Next time when you pop in the device again, just let Vista find the driver for you.

I bet your using Windows Vista 64 Ultimate?

Yeah ! What can i do with it ?

I have Windows Vista and I haven’t been able to use my sansa since I changed my computer. The media converter installs just fine but the computer doesn’t recognize the hardwear. It  asks for a driver. PLEASE I had been listening to the same music for months now.

This should fix it: