sansa express and vista

i’ve tried to connect the sansa express to my desktop that uses vista and it will not recognize it, is there anything i could try?

You shouldn’t have any problem.

However, the first time you plug it in, Vista will need to install the MTP driver for the device.

For some reason, on Vista, it took a good bit of time for the notification to pop-up.

Once the driver was installed, I disconnected it waited about 30 seconds and then reconnected it.

It shows up with no problem.

I’ve read a couple of post which say that the sansa express driver should install in vista.  Every time we connect the sansa express to our new vista laptop, it says an error message that it can not find the device drivers for this MTP device.  Any suggestions on where we can go to get the exact driver or how we can get around this? 

Make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player.