Sansa Express voice record onto microSD?

I posted this in another thread but here it is again, hoping that it’ll be seen.

I have been using my 1GB SE purely as a MP3 player (mostly in my car) and love it.  But my daughter needed to record a lesson and I installed an unused 2GB microSD(Sandisk) in the Express and told her to go for it.
She managed to make a good recording but it only recorded on the available space on the internal storage - not much there.  The external storage was untouched.  (She got 23 minutes of good recording with no problems with playback on the SE even when the display went off.  I haven’t been able to play it back on the computer using WMP… will fiddle with that later…)
WHAT I NEED TO KNOW IS>>>Can I voice record onto the microSD using the SE?  Or is the microSD only good for listening - by transferring music/audible files via the computer and then using only for playback on the SE?

ljar - unfortunately the Sansa express’ voice recordings are only recorded to the internal memory, you should also be able to play those voice recording on your computer by copying the file from the ‘voice recordings’ folder on your player to the computer, using a Windows X P or Vista operating system.

hope this helps!