Can I save data files in Sansa?


I want to know if i can save any kind of data files using any of the Sansa series. I mean if i can use them as usb memory flash.

Does any one know how many minutes can i record voice with a 2GB Sansa?

Thanks for your comments.

Yeah, you can.  Change the device to MSC Mode.

Create a 10min voice recording and get the file size, just use that as a rough guide for how much free space you actually have on ur devicoe

Thanks a lot  Bleach_FAN.

The fact is that i haven´t got the device yet. I wanted to know if it suits my purposes: voice recorder + usb flash memory.

may be what i need is something like

Sansa® Express™ MP3 Player 1GB

it is not sophisticated, i am not interested  in the mp3 music.

the Express is MTP Mode only, so it is much harder to use as a usb flash drive.

may want to try M200, or C200.  both are reasonably cheap, and offer voice recording… and can be used as a flash drive.

the primary use wasnt intended as a voice recorder, so if you plan on recording lectures or something to that affect it wont work out so well. More geared towards personal use.