Sansa Express turns on and off

I’ve had my sansa express for a few days and like it a lot.  The only thing I’ve noticed it that it turns on and off when plugged into my USB port (running windows XP).  I tried updating the drivers, but that did no good.  The firmware is up to date.  Any reason why this might be happening?

I think I fixed my own problem by turning off the auto shutoff. 

how did it turn off if it was connected to your PC  USB port?


I guess you are a lucky one?  Sorry, not sarcastic but I’m on my third (3rd) Express!

Each one has eventually failed to initiate (Start) and luckily? I bought a Best Buy 2 YR

Exchange policy.  So I’ll just keep taking them back and getting a new one.  Yes, its a pain in the butt and when it works its real nice but so far it has always crapped out! -3rd unit?  Some one said a while ago that in some cases the PC USB doesnt have enough power to properly charge the Express?  It indicates charging when they work and plugged in and show a solid battery (Charged?), if indeed this is the problem?  If I send enough back maybe someone can figure it out?

So good luck Mate, hope your Express runs forever?

I had the same problem.  I realized that my laptop’s USB port wasn’t charging the battery for some reason. Either it stopped working or was insuffient. The new Sansa Express kept turning on & off because the battery wouldn’t charge up — even when ‘charged’ overnight. Check the batter charge indicator on your Express to verify.  My problem went away after I charged it with my desktop PC’s USB port.  After it was fully charged, it came up fine on my laptop.