Sansa Express "stays connected", won't turn off.

I just reveived my 2Gb Sansa Express today. I connected it to my computer (it connected without any problems at all, the computer recognised the player correctly), let it charge full, and transferred some music into it. Now as I’m on a public computer, there isn’t a 'Remove device safely" anywhere, and I wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t screw up my player by unplugging it just like that, so I restarted the computer, and disconnected the player during the POST- process. But the player didn’t seem to understand that I had disconnected it. Now it just says ‘connected’ on the screen, and the player won’t turn off at all (I assume you turn the player off by holding down the power button for 5 seconds). Any suggestions? I don’t want to even imagine how long the player would have to sit still for the battery to deplete, and the player turn off.

I forgot to mention, that I connected the player to the computer again, the player showing ‘Connected’ all the time. The computer recognises the player as an ‘Unknown device’, and says it isn’t working properly. I would really appreciate all help here, I didn’t even have the chance to try it out before it got screwed!

Weirdly enough, I just got the player to turn off by holding down the ‘Volume +’ button for a few seconds. It seems to be working alright now. Odd stuff…

I looked up a Hard Reset in the manual for the express.

"Hard Reset

To perform hardware reset on the Sansa Express™ device, press and hold the


button while pressing the

Volume Up (+)

buttons simultaneously."

that is a little strange, but it fixed mine immediately.

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