Question for people who use an AC/ USB adpter to charge the express

I got an AC adapter from circuit city that says it will work with Sansa players.

I turn on the express and plug it into the charger as advised here.

The express stays on. I don’t get the little repeating animated (dog? dragon?) animal display  but  the battery symbol lights up and the squares inside repeatedly fill up like when it’s charging on the PC. Then the whole display goes off completely but the express is still on. (if it’s playing, it continues to play)  Does this mean it’s charging?

Is this the way it works when you charge from AC?

I guess there would be no way to tell when the charge is full except to check it after about 2-3 hours.


Does anyone know what the power input requirements are for the Express in terms of volts, watts, amps?  I too would like to use an A/C to USB adapter to charge the Express, but want to make sure I use the right adapter.  I called Tech Support and they of course did not know the answer.  I e-mailed Tech Support and got the same response.  I have an existing A/C to USB adapter that puts out 5.0V DC, 5.0W, 1.0A and was hoping that might work with the Express.


Relatively most devices that charge through USB have to use a charger around 5V to charge safely.  The current isn’t as important since it either gives enough current to charge or it doesn’t.  I had no problem using a 5V 1A.

I found some cheap iPod chargers but when I plug the Sansa Express in it does not say Charging.  If it’s on then the screen goes blank, I dunno if it’s still playing

cause I didn’t think to try but I’d be happier if the Charging –> Charged message was there.

I bought 14 players and distributed/sold all but one.  I have two people who would seriously like to charge theirs at home but have no PC.  I *could* move a LOT

more of these if I had straight, affordable answers.  The players I got are refurbs with firmware up to date in 2008 as far as I can tell. 

Is there a docking station/charger that will work with these?  Is there some way short of surgery to run one from external power otherwise?  I’m not above making

an adapter but doing so the thing will never be portable again… I’m not THAT good.

What can I say?  I keep reading about Macally (correct spelling, it’s not McCally) chargers but is that ALL of them?  I don’t want to spend more $ for don’t-work.