I just got a 1 gig Sansa Express two days ago, and I started to think, how do I charge it if I dont have access to a USB port?  None of the chargers I looked at said they were compatible with it and I dont want to pay for something I dont need and I really dont want break my Sansa.  Does anyone know if there are any compatible chargers and where I can get one?

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Any usb wallcharger should work for you just fine. If you want to be on the safe side then a Macally wall charger should suit your needs, I tried one my self.

you can even use  the wall charger for… *cough* *cough* iPod *cough* :smileyvery-happy:

  Thank you

I was going to say it:   Glad you did so I don’t have too.

I’m trying to get a usb wall charger to work and am not having any luck. I have one I purchased and another one for a bluetooth earpiece. Both have 5 volt and one is 300ma the other 500ma. Neither one of them charge the Sansa express? Yet once I put it in the usb port of my computer all is good. Do I really need to spend $20 for the MaCally? Also updated firmware to current version. Any ideas? The only thing I notice is when you use the USB port of the computer is does not start charging until the computer detects it’s presence.

My Express only charges with my McCally charger when the unit is on, and then connected.  If its off, and connected, it will not charge… took me a while to figure that out

you can try updating the firmware.  you cannot charge the express using a wall charger if your using the earlier firmware version

I have a similar problem.  My Sansa Express will charge in the USB port, but lately only holds the charge for a few hours.  It will not charge using the wall USB charger I bought.   The charger works on my wife’s Sansa, which is about three months newer than mine.  I am going to try downloading the Update Installer, perhaps there is some programing problem?  Or just a bad battery and connection?  Anyone help?

Refer to highlighted string.

Bleach_FAN Wrote:
My Express only charges with my McCally charger when the unit is on, and then connected.  If its off, and connected, it will not charge… took me a while to figure that out

rayman57  read above from Bleach_FAN.

What do you mean by unit being on ?  I tried to charge my player with a wall charger and it don’t seem to work.  My charger, which was included with another player, have 2 led, on red and one green, the green indicate that it charge, when I plug the charger with my express on it, the green light stay on about 1 sec.  Maybe that it charge, but I don’t see “charging” on the display like when it is plugged in an usb port.
Thank you for you answers

ok, to clarify

With the express, ensure the player is on.  Meaning, you can navigate menus, listen to radio, etc.

Next, connect the Express to the USB AC Charger.  When you do, the player should start charging, you may not see it on the display until you play a song.  You should see the battery icon slowly fillup… meaning that it is charging.

The charger you have, is not the one i own.  I own the McCally USB ac charger.  Maybe the express is not compatible with your charger?

If the express is off, and you connect it to the wall charger, it will not charge at all, no matter how long you leave it connected… express must be on to charge.

I originally had the other charger - the one with the red and green LED lights.  I could not get it to work at all.  I went back to Best Buy and told them this, and they happily recommended the Griffin PowerDuo.  They refunded the price of the one that did not work/was not compatible.  The PowerDuo is specifically made for the Sansa View, Connect, and Express.

However, the twist.  My newer model Express can be in the off position when I attach it to the wall charger.  It then comes on and displays the charging icon, just as it does when it’s in the USB port.  My older model does not do this.  I have to turn it on (in the playing mode), then connect it to the charger that is already plugged into the wall.  The unit display will immediately go out (but not turn off).  Press the center button and the display comes back on, with a song cued to play, and the battery icon showing that it is charging. 

But the strangest twist of all…when it is charging in the USB port, the display says “charging”.  When it is charging on the wall adapter, the display reads “charged”, but shows the battery filling up. 

I think this advanced technology is getting a little wierd…

I like, didn’t leave it on for 3 hours and now when i went to charge it, (it was COMPLETLY dead) it wont charge so what do i do take it back or what???

Im charging it for three hours now becuase thats what my freind told me to do so if it gets OVERCHARGED IM GOING TO BE MAD!!!   am i doing this right???

i dont believe overcharging a unit is possible?

it wont charge all the way and it wont complete the charge what do i do now???   HELP!!!