Sansa e280

My e280 recently locked up and had to be reset. After doing so the computer would not recognize the player when plugged in. When looking at the info on the player it is version01.02.24A and shows 0MB for memory and 0MB free. The unit does charge when plugged in.

How do I get the computer to recognize the unit and will I need to download updated firmware in order to get it working properly?

Thanks in advance!

You already have the latest (and last) firmware available. Your memory chip might have become dislodged inside the unit though. Have a look at this thread (and pictures) to see what to look for and how (if this is the problem) you can fix it.

If this isn’t it, you may have to format the player’s memory and re-load all you content.

I tried it but it didn’t work. The computer still does not recognize the player. Can you guide me through the format and reload?

Reloading your content is up to you; however you did it originally should still work now. You can see the formatting procedure of the v1 model of player you have here (if you want to manually re-install the firmware at the same time the instructions are in this same post). This assumes of course that you can get your computer to recognize the player while connecting in Recovery Mode.

If this doesn’t work and you’ve already tried re-seating the memory chip I don’t know what else to suggest.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.