My sansa e280 mp3 player does not work after USB disconnected accidently

I have an old  8gb sansa  model e280  mp3 player.   I was downloading some music and accidently the USB cable disconnected from the player during the process.   Now My Mp3 player is unable to reload and the screen is blank despite I resetted by powering off and turning on after few minutes.  I went to your Website to reload firmware data to see if this was the problem but Website does not offer any more firmware download for e200 series.  I do not know what  to do to reset my system software if it was accidently erased.

You can get the firmware here, but personally I think formatting it will be the ticket, rather than re-loading the firmware. It will erase everything you’ve put on it, but if it gets it ‘back iin the pink’  the time spent re-loading will be worth it.