Sansa e280: Songs disappear

This evening, when I unplugged in my e280 from my PC after downloading a couple of songs, all the songs on the device disappeared.

When I unplugged my player from my computer, the screen popped up with a “refreshing database” message, and then after it was done all the songs (except the preloaded ones) I had on the player disappeared. Some of the files that went missing were moved to the Unknown artist folder and are corrupt (they freeze my player whenever I select them). The device info says that the memory is 7634 MB, free space is 3432 MB, and the number of songs is 289. But all I can see are the preloaded songs and a little over a hundred corrupted music files. When I plugged the player back into my computer, the computer can see all the music files just fine, but when the player is disconnected there’s nothing.

I got this device in October 2007. I already have the latest version1 firmware for my player. And this disappearing act has happened once before. But last time around 300 songs were removed and around 200 were left on the player; this time, all the songs are gone.

I don’t want to go and get another sansa, because the only new ones with enough GBs are physically too big and the only small sansas don’t have enough GBs. This player was perfect for me. I just want it fixed! Could someone please help?

Thank you!

Nevermind! I redid the disk check and everything is okay now. When I did it last night, I did it in read-only mode and that didn’t work. The second time I did it I chose “Automatically fix file system errors,” but that didn’t work either. Then this morning I selected “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” all the songs came back.

Third time’s the charm.