Sansa e280 keeps rebooting whenever I try to play a song or connect it to the computer

I have a Sansa e280 v1 (e280 is all it says on the back and as far as I know that means it’s a v1). Anyway, it’s one of my favourite things and just today started acting up more than usual.

It switches on okay, then asks me to choose a language (which it has been doing for a while, but I never got around to find a way to fix it, more about that further down), I then go to my music and no matter whether I choose a song via playlist, song, artist, album, etc. the screen always starts getting paler, sort of fades out and starts sprouting white lines, then I see the regular “sandisk” screen with the black backround and the game starts anew.

I was hoping this would only happen when I tried to play a song, but now it does the same thing when I try to connect it to my computer.

I had a different problem before that was easily solved with the reboot via the “sansa.fmt” folder thing, but I’d really like to try something else first, because restocking the entire 8GB drive with the songs I like is frankly annoying as hell, even though I do have a partial back-up.

As for the less recent problem, whenever I switch on the player, it makes me choose what language I would like my menue to be in then I have to start choosing which song to play etc. it can’t for the life of it remember, which part of which song it played last. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

Thank you very much in advance.

The recovery mode trick pretty much saved my life the last time I encountered a problem with my e280! So thank you for that also!