Sansa E260

A frend gave me a Sansa e260 (without software) that belonged to her deceased sister.  I have followed instructions I found on the internet on downloading and installing the Sansa firmware updater.  After installing the updater I do not see it in my programs on my computer and I have searched for it unsuccessfully.  The instructions state to plug the player into the computer after installing the firmware updater.   I tried that and nothing happens.  Can anyone offer any suggestions?

You shouldn’t need to download and/or insall any firmware; it should already be on there. But is you find you do, follow the manual installation instructions in the fimrware post; don’t use the Updater.

You will have to know which hardware version you have (v1, v2, Rhapdosy) so you download the correct f/w version.

Keep in mind that firmware is different from software. Being saying software, can you please confirm which one is missing?