Issue With Sansa Firmware Updater Software

Ok,So my wife doesn’t like here SanDisk Sansa Fuse+.So I got her something differant.

Well I uninstall the sansa firmware updater software from here computer and installed it to my computer and the sansa firmware updater software won’t open,Now I can get to the Sansa files on the player.

Tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling too.

And  yes we have the same OS on our computers.

Anyone have any fixes for this issue?

Don’t use it. Just update the firmware manually. Ot takes less time than installing the Updater and it won’t be a resource drain on your system, or nag you every time you plug in your player.

Yeah,Thanks.After I posted the OP I saw that the firmware could be done manually and I did so.

Thanks again.