sansa e260 v1 additional memory microSD

Hi I have the e260 v1, I recently updated the official firmware.  I have been reading that the old v1’s you can’t use microSDHC cards aka only the dinosaurical amount of 2GB of additional mem, but am I right with the ascertion that if you use the Rockbox firmware  you can? up to 32gb additional … or is this only v2?

Yes. Rockbox firmware will allow you to use up to the largest size Micro SDHC card, 32GB.

Ok thank you for answering my question.  And second question is, if I use Rockbox will it over-write the data, eg music, etc I already have?  I used all but around 9MB worth of space to allow for firmware updates. 

Installing Rockbox won’t (or at least shouldn’t) affect your music/pics/etc.

But it’s always a good idea to back up your stuff before messing with the player’s operating system. Just in case.

How should I back it up and by “it” I mean the on-board flash memory?  I have about less than 4 Gb’s in it and enough memory on external HD to transfer it there or I can use a DVD-r, also what tools in terms of software do you suggest?

There’s no software need to “back it up”. 

In XP:

  1. Open your player in Windows Explorer
  2. Go into your Music Folder
  3. Go to Edit Menu (top left in Windows Explorer)
  4. Select “Select All”
  5. Go back to Edit Menu
  6. Select "Copy to Folder . . . "
  7. Navigate to the location you want to save copies of these files.
  8. Click “Copy” button.
  9. Wait for transfer to finish; with that amount of data it’s going to take a while. Go get a snack.
  10. Done.

Now you have your music backed up, in case of catastrophic disaster, Rockbox-induced or otherwise. Something you should already have done anyway, just-in-case. :wink: