Sansa e260 doesn't read microSD card...

Hello! I’ve got problem with my sansa. Player doesn’t read 2GB microSD card… I tried reinstall firmware, but it doesn’t work. Does somebody know how can I fix it? Thanks in advance for reply and sorry for my english:)

Make sure the card is pushed all the way in. You should feel it click, and to remove it you have to push it in to click again. If you can just pull it out, it’s not in all the way.

Do you have files on the card? 

 Yeah, I hear click. And I have music on card.

Try checking the µSD card with a basic card reader, to see if all is well on the data side of the equation.

When the card is inserted, and the Sansa is powered up, does this change trigger a database refresh?

Check Settings > Info and see if the card shows up.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you in MTP mode? If so, this is a problem. For whatever reason, MTP mode doesn’t recognize the SD card as the same type of media as the player itself. So far (although they may add this functionality in later updates), the e260 cannot Sync to an SD card; you’ll have to use MSC mode at least for your micro SD information.