sansa E100 MP3 player

I have a E100 MP 3 player, i can’t get it to turn on, changed batteries, no luck, it just worked yesterday.

My buttons stick on my e130 when i dont use it for a long time.I have to take the battery out and push in all the buttons about 3-4 times then put the battery back in.Then it works great untill i let it sit for to long.

Hello chrissy2074, welcome to the SanDisk Sansa Community.

Try taking the battery out of the Sansa. Let the Sansa sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, hold down the power button for a minute or so. The battery should not be in the player yet.

Next, put in a fresh AAA battery and try turning it on.


Holy Cow!  It worked on one of my two e130s that have failed (I think the other might have had a write failure when my computer hung, which would not be the fault of the Sansa).

Thanks so much for contributing that advice!