dropped my e200 sandisk mp3 player and won't turn on.

hello, i’m new here. i’m sorry but i don’t know the rules of posting here but i’m just going to post this so please help me


the other day i was at the gym, jump roping and i was listening to e200 sansa  mp3 player and well it feel out of my pocket and hit the ground. it didn’t shattered or anything like that, it just hit the ground and the mp3 player turned off by itself the moment it hit

it wouldn’t turn on no more. i then went home and i plugged it into my computer via USB cable of course and it turned on and it said it was connected with the PC. but once i unplugged it, it wouldn’t turn on no more.

so basically when it’s not plugged it, it won’t turn on. don’t know why, but when i do plug it in, it does turn on and says it’

s connected to the PC. i know my mp3 player still works, so please can anyone help me fix it? =[

Maybe you knocked the battery loose.

Open the back–there are four little screws, don’t lose them–and take out the battery. It looks like a cell-phone battery. Then put it back in snugly. Try it before you put the back on again.

Even if it doesn’t work, make sure the battery is snugly in there and put it back together, then recharge it and try again. 

c1u31355, I just wanted to say thanks!  I came across this thread when doing a google search for “sansa dropped.”  I dropped my e260 during a woodworking project, and couldn’t get it to turn back on.  I removed the screws.  When I pressed hard on the battery, it would turn on, but as soon as I let go, it turned back off.  I folded up a small piece of paper and placed it between the battery and the back piece, and screwed the backpiece back on.  Worked like a charm. 

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