Sansa deletet all and no space available anymore


a couple of weeks ago it happened the first time that I picked up my Sansaclip and all Data was deletet??? I just copied the stuff I wanted to listen to onto it again but noticed that there was less space available.

Today I was listening to an interview on my clip, pressed pause for a moment and as I wanted to continue listening I got the message that the Musikfile can not be read and that I have to free some space. Very strange!!! So I connected to my PC , all files (Podcast, Audiobooks) where empty again???!!! As I wanted to copy the files onto the clip agaiain I got the message now space available/ carrier is full.

so is there anything I can do  ? it is only 9 month that I bought it from Amazon therre should still be Garantie on it otherwise, I hope!!!

Thanks for any help in adevance


It sounds like a malfunction of some type.  I’d try 3 things, to see if it clears things up:  reset (with the Clip off, on switch held uppermost for 15-20 seconds); reformat from the Clip (on the Clip, Settings/Format); and reapply the latest firmware (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum).  And then keep an eye on the player.

And be sure to check which mode (MSC or MTP) is set. Life is a lot simpler if you stick with MSC.

Thanks guys … I tried the reset but can not access the clip anymore. I just wanted to search the newest firmware but got the reply from Amazon that I can send the articel in and they will repair or exchange it. :slight_smile:

Its good to hear that amazon does that, but you can also need to update teh firmware of your clip the next time. :wink:

Sansa Clip Firmware;


Great :)  thanks for the link. I will do that!!!