Sansa Connect: Driver fails to install. Tried everything

As the topic says. I’ve tried installing every single WMP update I could find. I’ve tried powering it off, reformatting it, updating firmware, everything. Every single time it just sits there saying it’s tryin to install for a variable amount of time and then finally fails. I’m not sure if I’m just trying to redownload the same fixes or not but some of the “fixes” tell me, “This update does not apply to your system”. I am using Windows Vista Ultimate that’s 32 bit, or 86x, I believe…doesn’t matter because I tried for the 64 and 86x neither work. Please spare me the linking of the FAQ and user manual. I’ve tried it and i’m becoming very frustrated. I was able to upload some songs from a friend’s computer and it worked fine. Oddly enough, my friend not only uses Vista, but he used the same CD to install as I did (we both built our computers and his Vista CD didn’t work so he used mine with his own code). Any suggestions? What other information can I supply?

First try different ports. Maybe the port you’re trying is either not supplying enough power or any at all.

Can you check device manager and see if the device is being detected? If it is, let us know the error code it gives when you right click on properties.

If you do get an error code,  download and install the microsoft hotfix kb940199

If nothing works and your not going to listen to subscription music…
Try to do a force MSC, with the unit off, place the clip in the lock position and hold down the center button. From there connect the clip while still holding the button down. Run the Sansa Firmware Updater and get the newest firmware.  Once compelete, under settings>> usb mode or mode>> switch into MSC.

This is Sansa Connect…not Sansa Clip…there is no MSC mode. It is only MTP.

Since the Connect works on your friend’s computer and you both did the same install…the only question is ‘what is different?’

Whoops, for some reason I had assumed it was the view… nvm my last post then.

Is there any additional information available in the Windows Event Viewer?

Go to the Sandisk website.  You will need to downl;oad the Sandisk Recovery Tool.  Follow the instructions.  It should help you reolve your issue.

Craigers wrote:

Go to the Sandisk website.  You will need to downl;oad the Sandisk Recovery Tool.  Follow the instructions.  It should help you reolve your issue.

He said he was able to load music onto his Connect from his friend’s PC.  Does the Recovery Tool affect any Windows-specific software or settings?

When I try to update my Sansa Connect with the Sansa Updater, I receive this message: “Your device is in MTP mode.  I can only update in MSC mode.  Unplug and switch to MSC mode to check for updates.”  How do I swtich to MSC mode? 

Sansa Updater is not the correct tool for the Connect, you need the Sansa Connect Recovery Tool.

Uninstall Sansa Updater before running the Recovery Tool and see if that works.

When I open up my Device Manager there is an MTP Device with a ! over it, indicating an error. When I open up the Properties for it I see this. --------------------------- MTP Device Device Type: Portable Devices Manufacturer: (Standard MTP-compliant devices) Location: Port_#0002.Hub_#0004 Device Status: This device cannot start. (Code 10) Click ‘Check for Solutions’ to send data about this device to microsoft and see if there is a solution available. ---------------------------- When I check the driver, the date on it is 6/21/2006 and the Version is 6.0.6000.20580 Furthermore, when I click the link for the fix given above it tells me that that update does not apply to my system, which is essentially the same message I get for everything else I try from that sight. I even found a recent compilation of all the WMP updates and it doesn’t work. I moved the Sansa Connect to different ports (I have 6 all together) and none work. Originally I was connecting it to the front ones, but even when I try the back it doesn’t work.