Sansa clip+

When I connect the Sansa to my computer it lists 32 songs but when I switch it to play it says 21 songs, why the difference?

Unrecognized file format or unrecognized (or un-readable) ID3 tag?

Perhaps some of the songs have the genre podcast or audiobook, or are in the podcasts or audiobooks folder? Does the player list a number of podcasts or audiobooks on it? The files might be in a format the player doesn’t support.

Thank you for your reply but I am getting totally confused now. Previously I have connected the Sansa Clop+ to my computer then clicked on ‘Computer’ and a list has come up including Sansa, I double clicked on that and it then said ‘Internal Memory’ which I clicked on and got the list of songs.  Today, I have connected as usual but it now says Sansa Clipp (E) and when I click on that it goes straight into the list of songs but none of those are in the list when I disconnect the Sansa and put it to ‘Play’.  Yesterday I updated the firmware, would that have anything to do with it?

Your player is in the infamous Auto Defect mode, meaning it can and will connect in either MTP or MSC mode. Files loaded iin one mode can only be seen by your computer while connected in that mode, but not the other.

When you see your device represented in Windows Expllorer as Internal Memory it means you’re connected in MTP mode. The “Clipp” designation indicates MSC mode. Since the + sign is not a valid character for Windows, the 2nd ‘p’ is used to specify the Plus model. In this mode also, there will be 2 separate drive letters; one for the internal memory and the other for the card slot.

Updating the firmware will indeed revert the USB settings back to the default Auto setting. You’ll need to manually re-set it to whatever mode you have decided on based on your usage of the device.

Thank you very much for your reply, I will do my best but I am 84 years old and it all seems like double-dutch to me, perhaps it would be better to buy a new Sansa clip!!!

Nonsense; there’s nothing wrong with the player you have. Just format it (which will erase the user-added content in the memory), manually set your player to MSC mode and re-load your songs.

The player will format itself and only take a few seconds. Go into Settings > System Settings, Format and select Yes.

To set to MSC mode, go into Settings > System Settings > USB Mode and select MSC. Now you’ll be able to drag & drop (or copy & paste) the music files from your computer to the Music folder of your player.

Easy as


Dear Tapeworm,  Thank you very much for such precise instructions, before I followed your instruction to ‘Format’  I decided to look at the settings and found that it is already set on MSC so checked it on my ‘Computer’  and it still said Sansa clipp, so what should do now?   Sorry to be such a dummy, even trying to carry out your previous instructions to manually update the firmware I didn’t know what or where 'Root directory was so had to abandon it.   You are so clever.