Sansa Clip Zip On/Off won't work?

Hey so I found out this morning my Sansa Clip Zip wouldn’t turn on when I pressed the power button…so I tried plugging it to my computer and it turned on. Great, but now that it’s turned on it won’t turn off when I try to press the power button again. The rest of the device works though (pause/play, volume, music, etc.) I already downloaded the firmware but it’s probably not a problem with the internal drive, but maybe the button broke cause it still wouldn’t turn on after I updated it.

Please help :cry:

If the button is broken internally, there’s probably nothing you can do to fix it, but try holding the power button down for 30 seconds or so, in case it just needs a reset.

If it is indeed broken, it should stll be under warranty (unless it’s a refurb) so you can contact SanDisk Tech Support about getting a replacement.