Sansa Clip Zip hangs up.

My father was having a problem with his Sansa clip zip.

the power button is pressed. the player turns on and the logo animation begins. when it reaches the flower icon it stops. resetting produces the same effect. the player does not connect to the computer. connecting to the computer while holding the center button causes my computer (windows 7) to produce the USB device not functioning message, and the device does not appear otherwise.

the device has a 32 gb class 10 card in it. knowing that this can be a source of problems I tried all the above steps without the card. nothing changed. I am particularly concerned as I have the same setup. these devices were purchased a month or two ago and came witht he latest firmware.

after running out of ideas I’m going to try and force the player to run out of battery life, but doubt this will fix any of the problems. I know many people have reported this problem (usually coupled with some ancillery problem such as improper formating) and have been forced to replace their clip, but if you can come up with anything that would be great.

And just to double-check, when you reset, you’re holding the button down for at least 30 seconds?