Sansa Clip Zip folder or file numeric or alphanumeric prefix.

Why do some files and folders added to the external 32GB memory card inserted in my Sansa Clip Zip (with the 1.01.21 firmware update) get an eight digit numeric or alphanumeric prefix appended to them? I can erase this prefix but it returns when I reconnect the Clip Zip to the computer. Also, why don’t folders added to the external memory card retain the names I gave them when I created them? Folders always revert to “NEW FOLDER” when I reconnect the Clip Zip to my computer. I want these new folders to be named “ALBUMS” - not “NEW FOLDER.” I used my Sansa Fuze with a 4GB external memory card for four years and these same naming quirks always happened. I am sorry if this has already been covered in a Sansa Forum but my online time is limited and I seem to have missed previous questions concerning this issue. **bleep** Hamilton (By the way - Sansa’s forum software censors my first name. My first name is **bleep**, the traditional nickname for men named Richard. My birth certificate says “**bleep**” and my driver’s license says “**bleep**.” Unfortunately, Sansa refuse to let me use my given name.)

You are apparently using the USB transfer mode of MTP or Auto (which defaults to MTP). Go to Settings > System Settings > USB Mode and switch it to MSC. Now format the player (also in Settings > System Settings) and the card, which will erase everything you put on it and then re-transfer your content in the new connection mode. You shouldn’t have any more re-naming problems.

And yes, the smut filter here will bleep out your first name. Nothing you can do about that. Real names aren’t important here anyway, everyone is known by the screen name they select. :wink: