Sansa Clip stuck in refresh mode


So it would seem, that this is a common problem, and it is most likely caused by ID3 tags.

My problem is though, I can not get any of my computers to recognize the device.

I have tried: Holding the power button for more than 20 secs. It just resets and then comes back to the refresh media screen.

I am pretty sure that if I could manually format or delete everything, I would be able to start again. Is there a sequence of buttons I can press that will do a “Hard Reset”? Or is there a way I can force my computer to recognize the device?


Start with the player off. Press and hold the REW or CENTER button (I can’t remember exactly which one) while you plug it into your computer. Keep pressing the button until it turns on and is recognized by your computer. You should now be able to format it with Windows (Right-click on players icon) and start over.