Sansa clip just died on me...please help

While playing music, I pressed on pause and the player suddenly turned off with no reason.

The computer won’t recognize the player since then…I tried to reset (15 sec…) the player and still…nothing.

Help anyone?


Try a longer reset, up to 30 secs.

You could also try pressing & holding the center button at the same time.

30 seconds and still…nothing, even with the center button pressed… :cry:

anything else?


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Will it connect and charge if you connect to your computer?  (If not, try turning the player off and putting the on switch into the hold position, and then hold the center button down as you connect up.)  That sometimes can be enough to reset the Clip, it seems.

Nothing happened when I connect it to the computer (he doesn’t recognize the player anymore), and I already tried the center button etc.

I Think I’ll wait until the battery will discharge completely, that way, all the inside components (like the processor) will shut down, and then I’ll try charging again…

The control circuitry for the battery will prevent complete discharge. You might want to give Sansa a call at this point.