My Sansa Clip DIED.

So I was in the backseat of the car, listening to the music, when all of a sudden, it just DIED. I thought perhaps the battery had died (although this was unlikely as the power was 80+ percent). When I got home, I plugged it into the computer to charge.


I tried turning it on, holding the buttons down, attempting to get some sign that it might still work, but nothing has happened.

There wasn’t anything I was doing that would have caused it to give outm like this.

Please help! I’d like to know why it died and if I can fix it!

This scenario and question is asked several times a week . . .

Reset it. If you have a Clip (original) hold the sliding power switch on the side in the uppermost position for 20-30 seconds. Don’t guess; count it out (one mississippi, two mississippi, etc.), or use a clock.

With the Clip+ press and hold the power button for the same amount of time. It should now start up and run normally.

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Thank you!

(I wonder why it happens so often…)

Holding the power switch for an extended time does the job.  Thanks for the help!

Old advice - but still works! Thanks

Thank you.  Worked for me!

Thank you for that information, Tapeworm. Duely noted and kudos to you, kind Sir!

I’m hoping that cleared the glitches I’ve been having after not using my Clip+ for about a year, which I posted about elsewhere.

2020-3-26:  Mine is at least 10 years old now, and I thought I had lost everything when it began to just sit there and wouldn’t power on.  I should have known something was wrong when I didn’t hear the tell-tale “jingle” when I plugged it into the desktop USB. Then I thought, as I almost always do, “Hang on a tick.  Let’s go to the INTERNET!”, and by gum here was this forum.  I held the little button down and did my Mississippis, and guess what?  IT CAME BACK.  Nothing happened when I let the button up after the 30 or so seconds, but when I pressed it AGAIN, the little blue “sansa” message appeared.

Thanks to all of you guys for saving the day, and indeed my week, in this time of plague.