2nd Clip died after charging

Ok, is it me or the clip. I charged my clip and when I went to turn it on it said goodbye and now I can’t get anything to work or turn on.  This is the 2nd one that I have had this happen to.  What can I do to recover my clip. I enjoy the clip but if I can not get it to come to life I will be forced to return the 2nd one and I will buy another brand.

Did you try resetting (on switch held uppermost for 15-20 seconds)?

Also, perhaps the battery died on you?  Try leaving it plugged in overnight?

Battery was not dead when I plugged it in to charger. However it is hooked up on the charge now. I also did not hold the switch for that long. I will try in the AM when I get off of work and report back to you. That way it will have charged over night and I will hold button/slide for 15 sec.

When I got home today I unplugged the clip and held the slide switch (on/off switch) for 15 sec. On the clock. And to my surprise it came to life and had a full charge.  All is working great used it for an hour today when working out. 

Thanks for the help.

I’m glad it’s working!  Sometimes a low battery seems to result in oddness–it may be best to avoid that (it often is recommended to recharge at 40% power remaining or so–the battery does not have a memory effect).

Enjoy your music!

My Clip, which I bought a week ago, died this afternoon while charging. I tried the reset procedure, and it worked.

Thanks for this wonderful forum.  My second clip also just died and I followed your instructions and it came back to life!!!  I had just gotten it yesterday and loaded it full of music–so Thank-you so much for this solution.

Glad that it worked!  Enjoy the music!

Mine is still dead. I have a 2gb clip, and it’s about a year old, or maybe 2 years old. I updated the software a week or two ago, though I have no reason to believe that contributed to the problem. I charged it up last night, listened to it for about an hour this morning, and again for maybe a half hour this afternoon and it just stopped. When I plug it into my computer, it remains dark, and the computer doesn’t recognize it. I tried holding the switch for 20 sec. That did nothing. How can I resurrect this old friend?