Sansa Clip 4

My sansa clip 4 is about a year old. Yesterday it started sounding like it was skipping, so I paused it. I know it wasn’t the file because it was the second time I was listening to the audio book. It wouldn’t pause. I turned it off and it froze on the goodbye screen. I tried everything to force it to go off. Holding down the power and the center menu button. When it went dead and I reconnected it to my computer it wouldn’t recognize it. I tried the hold the center button while connecting to the computer to put it into another mode. Windows asked me once to reformat it and I said okay. It said windows could not reformat the device. I tried to reformat to default settings and it still couldn’t do it. I didn’t see anything else to do on the window I cancelled and closed it. Tried to reconnect it again the same way. Now nothing happens at all. It doesn’t even recognize that something new is reconnected. Please help… How do I reformat the thing if the windows prompt doesn’t allow me and how do I get it to recognize it again

Probably just needs a reset. Press and hold the power button for 20-30 seconds. Release, then press it again momentarily to power it on. It should start up normally.