sansa clip on buttton on top right

when recording lecture  tells  me memory full  i have external drive with plenty  space  free w\please help me

If I recall correctly, the player records to the internal memory alone.  And so, an easy fix:  move some contents from the internal memory to the external card–voila, you now have your needed space!

how do i move  from internal memory  to external memory  thanks  do u have phone  i can  call u

how do i move from internal to external  memory

how  do i  do that

howdo i do that

You need to do it with a computer. Just connect, cut and paste. 

i did that  and still said  memory full maybe i didnt  delete enough ?

do u havbe phone # i can call u for help


Just copy and paste more files from the internal memory to the external memory card.  But be sure that you then delete the songs (that you have copied and pasted) from the internal memory card–maybe you forgot to do that.

Also, note:  most people aren’t here providing “real time” assistance–and so it can take some hours, or even a day or 2, for people to respond to you.

SanDisk can help as well, including via free telephone call from you:

Also know that recordings made on this device (whether radio or voice) are saved in WAV format, which takes up a lot of memory space.

What size is your internal memory? How much space do you have free? How long (and how many) are the recordings you are trying to make?