sync files from Sansa to my computer

I used my sansa for recording ( 1.9 GB file), now I want to copy  ( via explorer) the file to my computer, but I got an error regarding not enough memory: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation 

I have enough memory in my computer, it seems like a device problem (file to big??) can I sync it in any other way? please advise.

thank you, Michal

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Memory in computer terms does not mean space. It means RAM, or Random Access Memory. Trychecking if you have enough. You can see this by deciding if your computer is slow or, looking in taks manager, or asking your computer savvy friend.

Use xcopy.  Here’s an example where your Sansa shows up as drive D: (I assume your Sansa is set to MSC mode), the file is in D:\RECORD\VOICE\VORC001.WAV, and you want to copy it to directory C:\MYSTUFF:

Start->Run, type in cmd, click on OK, then in the command window, type:


then type exit to get rid of the command window.