Sansa Clip not recognizing on the PC

I just bought a Sansa Clip a few hours back as a gift for my wife. But for some reason its not recognizing on my PC :cry:

I do meet the minimum requirments, but when ever i insert the clip i get the USB Device not Recognized error. The screen too doesnt update to Connected

I have tried both MSC and MTP and three different cables but of no avail

Is there a set time i need to charge the device before i use it? 

EDIT: It charges correctly

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Try the solutions on this troubleshooting guide.     I’d recommend  the ones for Updating to WMP11,   as well as the ones for uninstalling the USB driver.  And letting windows reinstall the driver after a reboot. 

There are additional solutions on that page as well.   try them all in order.

Good luck,