Sansa Clip music

I have an older sansa clip with FM radio. The radio plays fine, but although I can see titles of songs stored on the unit, I cannot play them on any device or headset. Any thoughts?

Not without any more information from you, no.

I reloaded the music from my computer files. Still will not play. Getting error message that states "Not enough space for music DB, remove 90MB. Remove from what??? What futher info do you need?

The “Not enough space for music DB” error msg. helps. Thank you.

This is a farily common error msg. in the older SanDisk mp3 players, and despite what it says, it rarely means the memory is full. It more often means there is one or more corrupted files that it is choking on. The msg. is slightly different (30MB, 90MB, 200MB, etc.) on different models, but the cause & solution are the same.

The solution is to either error-check the memory to find/fix the offending file(s) or format the player, which erases all user-added content (aka music files) & gives you a clean slate to then reload them. There are a number of discussions re: this malady on the forum. Here is one you may find of interest & help:

Formatted the device. Where do I download the firmware or operating system for it? Now when I plug it in to my computer, I get a “Writing” message that goes on forever. Sys files are back on the device, but dated 12/31/79. Obviously, that needs to be updated. Will try adding music files back one at a time to see if one was corrupted.

Formatting won’t remove or affect the firmware in any way.

However, assuming you have one of the original Clips (with the round scroll wheel) as you say, here is the last firmware version:

Note there are 2 hardware versions of this player & each has their own firmware version. They are not interchangable.

Thank you for your response. I Figured out that the firmware isn’t affected. Added one song back to the unit and it still won’t play. Tried to update the firmware but was unsuccessful. My device is the Sansa Clip, not plus. Pic attached. How exactly do I update the firmware? 

That is a Clip+.

This is the original Clip (not +):

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