Sansa Clip...Lower volume....


I have read in this forum something about the lower volume. In my opinion, it is a bit high, where you are in a quite place or in the bed sometimes is not good. It´s high and you can’t reduce. In music reproduction mode you can modify the equalizer but in radio mode it’s impossible. For that, It would be great if Sandisk modify this…

What do you think?..


It will be fixed in the next firmware release, about  1.5 weeks.  Theres some workarounds using the music equalizer but as others have found it wont help the FM radio.

When you guys talk about fixing the volume in the update what do you mean exactly.  Is the overall volume going to be less because if that’s the case I can see a lot of people not wanting to update!

No, Sansafix said in this thread: that they won’t be reducing the max volume.

But how often does Sandisk release a new firmware?? I have seen that peope write about update NOW to firmware .18A but for example my Clip is .18F, then, we should wait for firmware .18G.  I´m confuse…Someone can explain this?

Thank you…

Numbers indicate firmware revision no., letters the region.  The current firmware version is 18.

There is no schedule for firmware revisions, but SanDisk is being responsive.  It was stated by someone here affiliated with SanDisk that the new firmware revision will be out in about 1-1/2 weeks from now; hence the estimate.

The firmware fix for the volume is already released in the forum on the front page.  The firmware version is 1.01.20, please download and upgrade if you wish to have a lower volume setting.