sansa clip lost 90% of songs

I tried to make 3 playlists using Rhapsody with my Sansa clip.  Creating a 3rd play list made one of my playlists disappear entirely.   That isn’t the worst part…   When I got home, I plugged in my Sansa clip and had it freeze up logging into Rhapsody.  When it finally came around, I lost 90% of my songs.  There are now 14 songs left on my player.   How can this happen?  What can I do to get my songs back?  

I’m about ready to go back to the store I bought this from and demand my money back (its been less than 30 days and this is not my first problem with this player.)   

I came here to try to find a solution.   Can any1 help?   Thanks for your support.

-Very frustrated new Sansa clip owner

NOTE:  my rhapsody library still has all my songs… and it says 1.2g used and 2.5g available.  I had so many songs saved and ready to listen and now only 14 are left.  What the hell happened?   I still have 14 days left on my free trial membership too.

ok now its saying my clip player is not a device that is authorized for to-go transfers.   is this a recent change??  i thought i was getting a great deal when i bought this thing… but i’m thinking i shoulda paid more for something reliable.

I don’t use Rhapsody, but I found this in a search for Rhapsody to go transfer issues.  If you haven’t already looked at it, maybe see if it makes any sense.

I don’t know the specific answer to your problem. However, in general, using subscription music services and setting the player to MTP mode seems to invite more problems than the alternative.

The alternative, which is what many of use here use is to set the player to use MSC mode only and use windows explorer to drop music or albums onto the music directory of the device. You can still create playlists and there are threads for that.

The only objection to the above that I’m aware of is if you purchase music online. In that case, make sure the player is only set to MTP mode after a clean format, stay with one service but make sure the latest version of WMP is installed even if you don’t actually use it. Like I said, I can’t specifically address your problem but can recommend consistency in use. If you do switch, save all your music and format the player prior to reload.