Sansa Clip Locked

When I tried to play my clip I noticed the Locked Icon on the display screen.  I never use the lock feature and have tried numerous times  to unlock it.  I am unable to do anything except turn it off.  Is there a fix or a way to retore it to its original state?  I have already completed a firmware update several times.

The Sansa Clip’s lock function is enabled by sliding the power switch down until the orange dot is visible, past the center position.  Check if your switch is in the center rest position.

The Sansa Clip+ has a different arrangement, since power is controlled via a pushbutton.  If this is your device, press and hold the home button for about two seconds.


It is not in the locked position.  I’ve tried holding it for 20 seconds like I’ve seen as a resolution for other problems.  I’ve all tried to format it.  I can get it to play for a while immediately after disconnecting from my PC and holding the power and center buttons.  I tried to let the battery run down, but it quits playing and shuts itself off.

Did it format?  You said you tried.  Format it from your pc.  Is this a clip or a clip+ by the way?

It did format but it is still locked.  It is the clip

I would telephone SanDisk Customer Service about this–you also might need a warranty replacement (which SanDisk is good about).  In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information: