Sansa Clip 4gb frozen

Was using it today and put it on pause went to unpause it and it wouldn’t do anything. Ive had it freeze before and had to hold the power switch up for 10 seconds but that isn’t working this time. I’ve tryed holding all the buttons but nothing. You can still see what song i was last playing but it is very very dim, you have to look real hard to see it. The play buttons and such are still lit up but have been like this for hours now. Doesn’t do anything when i hook it up to my computer either. Any suggestions

Its paused Right? It should turn off on its own eventually. Then Plug it in, charge it up, and When you go turn it back on do a reset by holding the power buttin like you described.

let the battery drain out for a day or two. Then try to charge it back up again.

next, be sure to update your firmware version.

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