Frozen Screen

I have a newly purchased sansa Clip that has been frozen on one screen (displaying a song, but not playing) for the past 2 days. It charges when plugged into the computer, but cannot be controlled at all from the player.  It is stuck - any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hold the power button up for 10 seconds to force power off.  Connect the device to the computer and try to delete the song. Update your firmware using sansa updater.

Take it back to the store.  The same thing happened to me.  Unfortunately, the replacement has a messed up screen.  Are all of their MP3’s bad?  I also had certificate problems

The certificate issue can be fixed by formatting the player through its format option (on the player). I believe sansafix posted that issue and fix here somewhere… lemme see if i can find it… ah found it click here
That is the post about the certificate issue. As sansafix said, the f.w update should address the issue. If for whatever reason you can’t use the updater to fix it, call sandisk and they’ll send you the f.w :slight_smile: