Sansa Clip + Kensington Liquid FM Plus (FM Transmitter + USB Charger) - No Audio while charging

I have the Sansa Clip (black) 2 GB version.

I bought the Kensington Liquid FM Plus FM Transmitter + USB Charger (all-in-one unit).

The Unit plugs directly into your cigarette lighter port in the car, then you plug the audio cable into your MP3 Player and it transmits your music to the stereo on station 107.9 (or whatever one you use).  That works fine.

The problem is, once you plug the USB cable into the Sansa and then finally the other end into the Liquid FM’s USB charger port, the audio is completely muted.  Even if you touch the usb cable to the usb port on either end on just the outside (ground) metal part, it cuts the audio out.

Sounds like some sort of unbound grounding issue with the MP3 Player’s design.

Can someone offer a solution to this problem for me?

SanDisk crew please read this and offer assistance.


If the Kensington tries to establish a USB connection the Cip cannot output sound.  Check if the clip is showing the “Connected Screen”.  One work around is to cover the two middle USB pins on the Kensington (with scotch tape) so you will only connect the +5V and Ground to the device.