Sansa clip help needed - please

I have been trying to put music on my sons new sansa clip since 9 o’clock this morning!

I have upgraded my media player, read through the instructions several times and the FAQ’s on the website and am beginning to get frustrated.

Here’s what I do know - my computer recognizes new hardware is attached

The player says connected when connected

My music is ready to go

I have also downloaded the firmware updater from the website; but when I plug in the player nothing happens except that the players says “connected” on the screen.

But…according to the Loading music portion of the directions my computer should give me the option of choosing the sansa device…I do not have that in Windows Explorer or Windows Media player.

Can someone help me?

Something might have been wrong there.  I don’t know what.  But here is a little tip you could try.  Format the device since you have not put anything on it yet.  Clean the device up and then plug in again to see if it works.  Also, you can change the USB mode under Settings to MSC mode so you can just drag and drop and play.  Try those two to see if it works.  Make sure you have Windows Media Player 10 or later on your system as well.  It works best with WMP11.