Sansa Clip hangs on startup, and on firmware upgrade

After unplugging my Clip from my computer, it hung on the “Connected” screen

I forced a reset by holding the power switch in the on position 10 seconds

It then restarted and hung at the Sansa screen

I followed the instructions in these forums to download the firmware update, mount the Clip in MSC mode, and install the firmware.  Upon disconnecting the Clip, it hangs at the “Firmware upgrade in progress” screen.

I then re-mounted the Clip in MSC mode and deleted all music files and the firmware update.  Upon unplugging, it hung again at the Sansa screen.  I then re-mounted in MSC mode and re-installed the firmware update.  It is now hanging again at the firmware update screen.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Even mine has hanged on startup , :frowning: , how did you mount it on MSC mode . Could you point me to the instructions please.

luv2hack, please read these forums. I have not worked with the Clip at all before, but after about 10 minutes here last night I had learned a lot by browsing and searching the forums for my problem.

In this case, the answer is:

  1. Turn the Clip off (if it is stuck on, hold the power switch in the “up” position for several seconds to force it to turn off.)

  2. Move the power switch to the “down” (or “hold” ) position

  3. While holding in the center (“Select” ) button on the clip, plug it into your USB port on your computer. Continue holding in the center button until the computer recognizes the device. This may take 10 seconds or so.

This is called “MSC” mode, and is essentially using the device as a USB stick to access its flash memory. I hope that helps and, again, you can learn a lot, and a lot faster, by browsing the forums yourself. This kind of information is repeated many times.

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Thank you … Will try that out.

The following procedure restored the Clip, but requires access to a Windows operating system:

  1. Mount Clip in MSC mode Turn device off (by holding power switch in “on” position 10 sec if necessary). Move power switch to “Hold” position. While holding the center “Select” button, plug into USB port on a Windows computer. Wait until Windows recognizes the device before releasing the “Select” button.

  2. Format the Clip Double click on “My Computer” to open an explorer window. You should now see the Clip listed as a drive. Right-click on the Clip drive icon and select “Format”. Select “FAT32”. Do not check the “Quick Format” box. Format the disk.

  3. Finish You can now disconnect the Clip from the computer and it should behave as a new-out-of-the-box Clip. If you like, you can now download the Sansa Updater software from the Sansa web site (Sansa>Support>Clip>Downloads:Sansa Firmware Updater) and run it to install the latest copy of the firmware to your device.

Thank you very much for the solution. I am not a technical person but I was able to understand it and it worked. Thanks again for taking the time to post.

And, thank you for taking the time to say thank you.   :slight_smile: