Froze my Computer.

I just bought the sansa clip, and i followed the directions from the paper to plug it in, to start putting music on it, but whenever i plug it in, it freezes my whole pc forcing me to reboot.

I assume you’re using some variant of Windows.  Try connecting your Clip in MSC mode by sliding the power switch down to “Hold” then pressing and holding the center button while you plug it in.  Hold it several seconds after it’s connected.  Windows will see your Clip like a USB drive this way.  If this works, you should just go ahead and update the firmware using the link from the main forum page while you’ve got it connected.  If it doesn’t work, you should probably reset your clip.  I think you do that by holding the power switch in the On location for 30 seconds or so.

Just my thoughts.  Someone here may have better ideas.

I agree with the manual MSC connection to get you started.

Try this first, as long as the Clip has battery power: look at settings, then select system info.  If the version is 01.01.18 or later, you can select MSC mode this way: select settings, USB Mode, MSC.   It’s possible that your computer is not recognizing the clip in MTP mode.

MSC mode should allow you to connect (the computer will see your Sansa as a memory stick).

If the version is earlier, select MSC mode manually as described above. (Power switch in lock position, hold the center button while plugging in to your USB port.)

What is your computer setup? 2000/XP/Vista?  This will help us figure out the issue…


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