Sansa clip ++ freezes when inserting sd card


I bought an sd card to give my clip++ a bit more space as it only has 4 gigs. I bought an 8gig PNY micro sd. When I insert it in my clip++ and turn it on, it displays the logo, freezes on there for a while - then if I wait a few minutes it says “refershing media” gets about 10% of the way then just freezes until I hard reset the device.

Could anyone offer any suggestions please?


depending on how many files are on the card it may take quite a while to refresh the database 5+ mins so make sure you are not resetting it before it finishes

Sorry I should have mentioned I’m just putting an empty card into the player… I took it out straight from the packaging and haven’t done anything with it yet.

I assume the player works fine without the card?  And did you try the card apart from the Clip, to make sure it’s working fine?  Also, do you have the latest firmware, which has some bugfixes?

I recall reading that someone was having a problem with a certain make of microSD card–I can’t recall the manufacturer, however.

I’m having a similar problem. I have the Sansa Clip+ 2GB. I purchased a 2 GB PNY MicroSD card that seems to work just fine when I connect it directly to my XP and Vista PCs but seems invisible to both the PCs and the Clip+ when installed in the player. It shows up as " Drive H:" in My Computer but asks for media on both machines when in the player. I thought it might be some DRM thing so I installed the software that came with the player(big mistake, guess I’m gonna have to rip my CDs again) to no avail. Anyway, short of taking the player or card back, I’m at a loss. HELP!

By any chance, can you try another card, from another manufacturer, in the Clip+, to see if it could be a PNY issue with the Clip+ and to make sure that the Clip+'s microSD slot is OK?  You might want to try a SanDisk card …

You are inserting the card when the player if off _ then _ turning it on, aren’t you?