Sansa clip explore the device, some files not shown

I have mp3s stored on my pc & laptop. When I plugged the sansa in and explore to add mp3s, some files are seen on the pc that are not seen on the laptop. The laptop has Vista and the pc is Win98. There are some files on the sansa that are just not seen on either, which is weird since the file was originally transferred from one of my computers and isn’t shown now.

with Windows 98…your device is automatically switched to MSC mode…and for Vista…it’s in MTP mode and these two modes don’t talk to each other so you can’t see it…if you have your device upgrade to the latest fw…you can change the usb mode to MSC and it should read on both PC and laptop…as for now…you can force it into MSC by putting device in LOCK and press-n-hold the center button while plugging in your laptop.