Sansa Clip+ EU volume setting issues / questions - Any advice / tips please?

Hello all…

New to the site and also new to the world of mp3 players - Sansa Clip+ is my first one and it was anything but an impulse buy, so I was already aware that there was a restricted volume setting in the standard settings.

I’ve followed the well documented method process of 

Settings>System Settings>Reset Factory Settings>(Are You Sure?)Yes>English>Rest of World/North America 

However, when I get to the end of the sequence and confirm region, the menu then instantly reverts back to the Reset Factory Settings position with no indication that settings have been changed, I would expect to see a screen message indicating the player is in fact reverting to Factory Settings - which leads me to think that the full reset process is not happening?

First question then; is reverting instantly back to the Reset Factory Settings position without an update/resetting message normal? 

I also tried holding the power button for 20 secs, installing the latest firmware file and trying to reset again. I realised this was a bad idea as the newer firmware will have the rule which reduces volume, so I looked for older versions - 02.13 and 02.09, installed these and went throught the process again.

The thing is, I tried to increase the volume of the player before listening to the player with the unmodified firmware, so I am a bit clueless as whether the volume has been increased - due to having nothing to compare it against. I can get the volume fairly ‘loud’ (though this does not even compete with headphone volume when using computer cd drive) by maxing out the rocker switch and using the custom eq settings to ramp up the bass.

Can anyone give a very approximate indication as to how low the volume is before applying the tweaks/reset ?

Would re-writing with Rockbock Firmware help at all?

Many thanks in advance…


If you’ve set the region to NA, then under settings there will be a volume option which can be set to either “normal” (e.g. capped) or “high” (uncapped). If you’re using rockbox, none of this matters as rockbox always uses the full power of the device’s amp.

Yep Saratoga,

you are 100% spot on !!!

Not long downloaded Rockbox installer and i don’t think I will ever look back ! :slight_smile:

Only played one of pre-loaded demo tracks on the Sansa and can already appreciate the following

  • more sound volume than anyone could handle - unless they need to deafen the neighbours
  • sound clarity and quality - unbelievable from such a small device
  • great equalisation options
  • fully customisable display/menu options

I would definitely favour this over the Reset Factory Settings option and will leave the original post online so that others may benefit.