8gb Sansa Clip no longer plays very loud

The other day I went to play my Sansa Clip and noticed that the volume wasn’t it’s usual loudness.

Immediately I thought to turn up the volume…

It already was at it’s maximum volume ???

I usually either play this device through a pair of Sony earpieces, or through my son’s amplifier (to play music and electronic drums together through).

BOTH of these devices displayed the same problems - that the MP3 player simply wasn’t playing at maximum volume anymore.

I hadn’t played around with anything on the device, the Clip has had a good, safe life, not been stamped on, thrown around etc etc.

I believe it has one year’s guarantee but I haven’t retained any of the packaging etc - bought it off Amazon.co.uk.

Any ideas ??



Solved !!!

It was done by resetting factory settings and choosing North America (even though I’m in Europe) that returned my loving loud Sansa Clip to producing that lovely loud sound !!!

Yippee !!!

Thanks forum