Sansa Clip does not work / load anymore

During in the morning it was working fine/OK. At afternoon he wasn’t work anymore. When I unplugged its from my computer, it turn off and don’t turn on.

While it plugged in my computer, I can see the directories from sansa, but when I unpluged it tunf off.

What can I do to it works well again?

Can you try a reset (hold the on switch uppermost for 15-20 seconds)?  Also, try forcing a connection:  with the Clip in the hold position (so that you can see the orange under the on switch), hold the center button down as you connect your Clip to your computer.

Otherwise, it sounds like a battery lead may have come undone.  Are you still under warranty?  SanDisk will replace the player.  Otherwise, you could try prying the Clip open carefully, and then resolderring the battery lead or using a conductive epoxy glue.

Thanks for your help, but it doenst work. I think I’ve lost my mp3.


Are you within the 1-year warranty?  SanDisk will replace it.