Sansa clip+ and slot radio card

I need help please. I have two players. One is a Sansa Fuse+ and the other is a Sansa clip+ (4gb).  I can put a slot radio card in my fuse and can see all 7 channels of music, but when I put the slot radio card into the clip+ it only shows 2 of 7 channels. Does anyone know why this does not show all 7 channels? It does not say anything about it not being able to handle the radio card it even states how well it would work with it.

Is the firmware up-to-date on the Clip+?

Yes and just to make sure I went to update it today and there was no update available

Well, the screen is much smaller on the Clip+ than on the Fuze; are you pressing the bottom button to scroll down in order to see the other channels?

Call tech support 866-7263475

I read all the posts from those posting on this same problem and seems there is no solution to the problem except to suck up the cost of it, toss it out and buy another brand that works a bit better. Thanks for the attempt to help anyways…Oh and btw…not going to call and go throw the hassle…they didn’t even bother to reply to my email from a week ago either…

There is no other slot radio brand.  And with all due respect, a toll-free phone call to Customer Service is very easy (and for more complicated, unknown issues, can be easier and more effective than an email, in my humble experience).

And instead of tossing the Clip and/or slot radio card away, feel free to send them my way.   :wink: